About Joane

joane22713Joane Cornell is a custom jewelry designer and manufacturer, and is involved in every aspect of jewelry manufacturing for 38 years.  Prior to arriving in the Berkshires, MA. in the Spring of 2002, Joane was established in New York City for 18 years on Fifth Avenue/47th Street, in the heart of the jewelry center. Joane worked for the famous I. Shor International Corporation in N.Y.C. from 1979-1983, and learned the use and application of all the tools and machinery that are instrumental in jewelry manufacturing, i.e., “The Lost Wax Casting Method”,  and was instrumental in establishing the I. Shor Canada branch in Toronto in 1980. Joane’s manufacturing knowledge and abilities developed during the years that she worked with skilled independent contractors on 47th Street in Manhattan. Joane’s design skills reflect in every piece of jewelry she produces, which allows her to present you with an array of fine unique jewelry. “Due to my visual sensitivity, these experiences are now reflected in my creations. Some pieces are decidedly urban, using precious metals that are either cast, or entirely hand wrought and assembled in my private studio. When I design a piece of jewelry, I do not relate to any kind of fashion. I create something timeless and important by itself and in relation with the person who wears it”.

Working with venders from around the world, who supply her with stones that are cut in the exact region where they are mined, gives Joane the opportunity to select from an amazing array of precious/semi precious stones. The variety of shapes, sizes, cuts and transparencies allows Joane to express her design aesthetic, based on life experiences, as well as the organic nature that surrounds and inspires her on a day to day basis.   Joane’s custom pieces are not generic in design, and never mass produced, out of respect for her clientele. Joane is environmentally conscious and focused on sustainability. Nearly all materials are recycled, reused and repurposed for later use. All stones are ethically sourced. The diamonds purchased for the use in Joane’s designs are modern brilliant cuts or rose cuts that are monitored under the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme. Made exclusively in the USA, Joane guaranties fine quality and craftsmanship. Visit Joane Cornell’s boutique in Lenox, MA., where she continues to offer a discreet, personal service for buyers of her original jewelry designs.



JANUARY 1st – APRIL 30th; THURSDAY – SUNDAY 11:00 – 4:00,

MAY 1st – NOVEMBER 30th;  WEDNESDAY – MONDAY 11:00 – 5:00,


Send Joane an e-mail @  joanecornell@just-jewelz.com   Telephone: 413.637.5022